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Debt Information Service

08 February 2024
Debt Information Service
The Federal Tax Service informs you!

You can get information about tax arrears by SMS messages or by e-mail. The ????mailing list is carried out no more than once every 3 months.

The service will help taxpayers find out about the resulting debt and eliminate the negative consequences of non-payment of tax in the form of "weighting" the debt in the amount of penalties, court costs, and the need to pay a performance fee.

The document of consent to receive debt letters in SMS or by e-mail is submitted to the tax authority:

???? through the service of the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia "Taxpayer's personal account for individuals." To do this, in the "Profile"/ "Contact information" section of your Personal Account, select "Submit consent (refusal) to be informed by SMS and (or) e-mail about the presence of arrears and (or) arrears";

???? through the mobile application "Taxes of the FL". In this case, you need to fill in the data in the "Appeals – Other situations" section;

???? personally or through a representative;

???? by registered mail.

The document on paper indicates the INN, full name of the individual, passport data, date and place of birth, as well as the phone number or e-mail address to which the mailing will be sent.

When filling out the consent through your Personal Account, you need to choose the format of information (by phone or by e-mail), as well as sign the document with an enhanced unqualified electronic signature (formed in your Personal Account). The rest of the data is entered automatically.

We remind you that you can make a tax payment through your Personal Account, the service "Payment of taxes and duties", at a credit institution, a post office.

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08 February 2024

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